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All contributors to Ntu are eligible to become members! Membership is open to anyone interested in adventureous African and African-American culture.

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Ntu Members Roster 2016
*Life Member / Deceased

Anderson, Deon
Appiah, Dr. Albert
Appiah, Joana K.*
Atkins, Hannah D.* (Hall of Fame Honoree)
Austin, Roe Jeanous
Booker, Pearlena
Broiles, Bill* (Ntu Vice Pres.)
Butler, Amena
Byrd, Camolia*
Clark, Dr. Cavannah* (Hall of Fame Honoree)
Curd, Lisa (Ntu Treasurer)
Curd, Mike (Ntu Board Member)
Dollar, Ronnie
Driver, Stephanie
Driver, Victor (Ntu President)
Faine, Dr. Ruth* (Hall of Fame Honoree)
Harris, Junita*
Holden, Grace* (Ntu Parliamentarian)
Holloway, Dr. Ernest * (Hall of Fame Honoree)
Ivory, Ernestine*
Jackson, Joyce A. Tease*
Jackson, Joyce B.
King, Evelyn
Little, Alfreda
McBride, Bervis*
Moore, Dorothy*
Nicholson-Bryant, Reata
Owens, Jr., Wallace* (Hall Of Fame Honoree)
Parks, Thelma R* (Hall of Fame Honoree)
Pollard, Christine*
Pringle, Alma*
Sawyerr, Carolyn*
Sawyerr, Dr. Olaseinde*
Scott, Paul
Simmons, Dr. Charles A.*
Taylor, Jannett L. (Ntu Secretary)
Wedgeworth, Bettye*